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2019 Tree Order Form (please print out and return to office to place your order)

Windbreak Planting Information


Can I order trees that are not listed on the order form?  Yes!  The District is willing to special order any tree that is available through our supplier.  There is a minimum amount on special orders of 50 trees.   

Nicollet SWCD
501 7th St., PO Box 457                   
Nicollet, MN 56074

When is the last day to order trees?  Tree orders will be accepted in our office no later than March 31st.  Please remember that trees are sold on a first come basis, and we do run out.  So get your orders in early.

Who do I make my check out to?  Please make checks out to NICOLLET SWCD

When do I pick up my trees?  We will notify you by mail when you should pick up your trees.  Trees are delivered to the Sibley County Tree Shed, near Gaylord, MN, during the 3rd or 4th week of April.  You will need to pick up your trees on the day listed on your mailing, as we cannot hold trees.

What if I am unable to make it on Tree Pick Up Day?  If you are unable to pick up trees on the date mailed out to you, you will need to send someone on your behalf to pick up your trees.     

How far apart should I plant my trees?  Please see our Tree Spacing Guide for more information.  


Nicollet SWCD | 501 7th St., PO Box 457  | Nicollet, MN 56074 | 507-232-2550 |