Nicollet SWCD's Picture Page

    This page is filled with pictures from district projects, activities and events.  These photos represent a small portion of the work we do in Nicollet County.  We will continue to update this page with current projects as the pictures come in.  


1997 MNDOT Sedimentation Reduction Project Report




Ag Waste Pit Installed on the Sjostrum Farm (2006)

Grade Stabilization Structure, Side Inlet on the Tom Brown Farm. (2007)

Nicollet County Sentence To Serve adult crew planted these trees along Highway 169 south of St. Peter.  The trees were planted as a part of an erosion control structure installed by the State of Minnesota. (2008)

Children participating in the 2016 Children's Water Festival had fun making fish imprints along with many other activities in the Exhibit Hall.

Shown here is the Human Bubble Station which was also part of the fun at the 2016 Children's Water Festival!

Dry soils and heavy wind were to blame for this early summer soil erosion. (2007) 

Controlled Burn on CRP easement. (2005)

Controlled Burn on CRP easement. (2005) 

Stream Bank Erosion Control Structure. (2004) 

This is a before picture of a stream bank erosion problem on the Kozitza property. (2003)

This is the after shot of the Kozitza property once the erosion control structure was installed. (2003)

Students at the Nicollet High School planted over 400 Lilac shrubs as a part of a field activity day.  7-10th graders learned about planting trees and career opportunities in the Environmental Science field. (2006)

Nicollet High School tree planting activity. (2006) 

Here is a shot of our tree shed during the 2008 spring tree sales. 

The Brown family has installed many erosion control structures with the help of District Cost-Share Program.  Here is a Terrace installed in 2007. 

The Brown's also installed this Sediment Control Basin to control gully erosion that was cutting back into their crop field. (2008) 

The Gintner farm has been very active in wetland restoration and testing with the District and the BNC Water Quality Board.  This structure is part of a new grant to study the ability of a solar powered pump to increase water volume and water treatment in the wetland.  Solar power is used to pump water from tile lines (the culvert structure in the rear of photo) into the wetland for treatment. (2009)   

In this photo, a Rock Basin is used as an outlet for a Drop Inlet Structure that was installed to control erosion problems caused by surface and tile water flow. (2008)

Installation of an Anti-Seep Collar, on a Drop Inlet Structure.  Drop Structures are used to collect surface runoff as well as tile water, and outlet the water in a rock basin (above picture) to control erosion. (2008)

When installing many of our practices, laser equipment is used to set grade, line up tile, construct dike levels, and much more. (2008)


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