2015 Annual Plan

The District Supervisors and Staff of the Nicollet Soil and Water Conservation District prepared an Annual Work PlanThis annual plan will guide Supervisors and Staff in promoting and implementing conservation programs and activities within Nicollet County.


Mission Statement of the Nicollet SWCD

To assist the landowners of Nicollet County in efficiently and effectively using natural resources in order to increase the productive use of cropland, pastureland, woodland, wild life land, urban land, and recreation land, while maintaining and improving the soils base, water quality, tree production, wildlife, and the quality of life in the county.”



2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

Sedimentation Reduction Project along TH 169 In Nicollet County

Nicollet SWCD Comprehensive Plan

The Nicollet SWCD has adopted the Nicollet County Water Plan as it's Comprehensive Plan.  Click HERE for the Nicollet County Water Plan



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